Client Profile: Sam Sorgiovanni

Slinky Digital Agency welcomes World renowned superyacht designer Sam Sorgiovanni as a client.

When it comes to spectacular yacht design there is not much that designer Sam Sorgiovanni doesn’t know. He achieved a BA in Industrial Design many years ago and was taken on by Australian ship building company Oceanfast where he worked for 12 years, gaining valuable, world-wide experience in the world of superyacht design and being mentored by Jon Bannenberg, a legend in design himself. So creative was he that he won many awards for his yacht designs over a number of years, ensuring his career success.

During his time with Oceanfast Sergiovanni learned many things about external and internal yacht design and how to ensure that design was practical as well as innovative. But he always had a dream of setting up his own design business and this dream finally became a reality in 1997, with Sorgiovanni’s Design Studios springing to life in Fremantle, WA. In pursuing excellence in all his designs and in their implementation, he has proven that hard work and dedication to an ideal leads to success that is both deserved and well-renowned.

He and his team offer many services such as designing the exterior and interior of yachts, residential design, transport design and project management. His designs start off as hand drawn sketches that once approved, are then converted into the kinds of comprehensive computer generated designs that form the basis of their work. Sorgiovanni has had over 30 years of experience and been involved in more than 60 designs for yachts in many different parts of the world.

Not only does he have many design awards under his belt, in 2014 he was inducted into the Australian Super Yacht Industry Hall of Fame and continues to represent that company wherever travels for his work take him. He has no hesitation in recommending Australian products for his designs, so long as the excellence he demands is there. In doing so he has provided a great service to many Australian industries.

Sorgiovanni points to the Australian ocean environment and can-do attitude to having been a big part of his success, along with the dreams his clients and their families have shared with him for the creative designs that have made his name famous. However, his own creativity and attention to detail along with his insistence on excellence in all parts of his work have surely also played a large part in his success.

He often claims that looking back to the past to ensure the mistakes of others are not repeated is just as important as looking forward to the future to see what new technologies can be used in his designs. He sees that very often the experience gained by one generation is not passed on and this has traditionally hindered the design process.