Premier Wedding Events Company Appoints Slinky

One of Perth’s premier wedding events companies, Lumin8 Events has appointed Slinky Digital to head up their online marketing efforts. Being awarded the digital marketing contract recently was cause for celebration at Slinky Digital. While they have party experts and wedding DJ’s, we have digital experts that we use to ensure this company will quickly show up in Google’s search engine results for their keywords.

Most parties have special lighting to create the ambience needed for people to celebrate properly. If yours doesn’t, it might be time to light up the sky with Lumin8 Events, a company dedicated to making any event more special with lighting, music, a photo booth and all the other components of a great celebration.

Web design, seo, digital marketing, adwords marketing and even website hosting are what we do best so that you and Lumin8 Events can create the most amazing celebration that truly lights up the sky.